How to Modify Retail Margins in SalesPRO

How to Modify Retail Margins in SalesPRO


This article describes how to modify the Retail Margins in SalesPRO.  This article will use the Retail Discount group Standard.


  • From within SalesPRO, go to Maintenance>Discounts.
  • At the top of the Discounts window, select Show Discounts for: (select the manufacturer you wish to modify from the drop down menu or All Products) in the group: Standard
  • Your current Margins will be listed on this page. 
  • Highlight the product to be changed.  Note that more than one product may be highlighted, or if you right-click on any line, you may select all products, or all products for the manufacturer.  
  • In the box at the bottom, select Margin from the drop-down list. Type the new value, and click "Apply".
  • If discounts are unique by style, a value must be entered for each style, and the discount removed at the product level.  A product-level discount will cause the style-level discounts to be ignored.  Once any style within a product has a unique discount assigned, a discount at the product level will not act as a default for the remaining styles.  All styles will have to have a discount.  These products will be shown in blue font.
  • If a discount needs to be deleted (either at the product or style level), the Margin should be changed to 0.

  • Your changes will be automatically saved when you exit discounts setup

Applies To:

  • SalesPRO Software

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