How to Modify Process Reports in SalesPRO

How to Modify Process Reports in SalesPRO


This article will explain how to tailor delivered Process Reports for your company-specific information. 

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There are common sections defined as tabs in the Modify Report Layout window.  Not all will apply for every report.  Also, if you customize the content on a tab for any one report, it will not automatically carryover to other reports;  if you want the change to be uniform across all reports, you will have to modify them individually.

SalesPRO is delivered with many reports already available, including quotes, invoices, installer forms, etc.  You will want to tailor them with your company information, logo, and your terms and conditions.  It is recommended that you copy any reports you want to modify further, so when customizing, you can keep the original report as a backup.  Once you have completed tailoring the report, you can remove the enabled status from the original report (done by unchecking the box next to the report), so only your version will be available.  You can also reorganize the reports.  New categories and subcategories can be created, and you may group the delivered reports into one category.


  • From within SalesPRO, select Process Reports from the Setup tab.

  • Individual reports are listed inside their categories, and the category may be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the +/-.  

  • Select the Report to be modified.
  • Click the Modify button on the bottom of the window, or double-click on the report to open the Modify Report Layout window.
  • Each tab represents a section of the report.  The General tab lets you rename the report, change the category/subcategory, and customize the description. This information does not show up on the report itself.
  • The Company tab allows you to customize with your company logo, company name, address, etc.
  • The Identification tab controls what is seen in the upper right corner of each report (Order number, date, Sales Rep name, etc).
  • The Addressing tab controls which customer addresses are displayed at the top of the report.

  • The picture below shows what sections of the report are controlled by the Company, Identification, and Addressing tabs.

  • The Order Information tab controls a section of the report that gives specific information about the order (deposit, sidemark, etc).  
  • The Line Items tab controls what is shown for each line item.
  • The Totals tab determines how your totals will be displayed.
  • The Other tab is where you control the Comments, Notes, Terms and Conditions, and what is shown at the bottom of each page.
  • The Advanced tab allows you to assign a specific printer configuration and shows the location of the file for that report.  (This information is not displayed on the report itself)

  • The picture below shows which portions of the report are controlled by the Order Information, Line Items, Totals, and Other tabs.

  • Customize the contents as desired.
  • Once everything is to your satisfaction, you may test your settings using the test at the bottom of the Modify Report Layout window.
    • In the drop down menu in the bottom left portion of the window, choose "Test these setting with quote (sale or order)" and enter a Quote Sale or Order number in the next window.
    • Click the green arrow and the report will open in an external PDF viewer.

  • Click OK to save your changes and close the Reports window.


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