How to modify email templates in SalesPRO

How to modify email templates in SalesPRO


SalesPRO provides templates for use when emailing quotes and sales to customers.  These templates can be easily modified to suit your company's needs.  Below are instructions on how to modify email templates. Please note that email must be enabled prior to modifying templates.  For instructions on enabling email, please refer to Enabling email in SalesPRO.


  • From within SalesPRO, go to the Setup tab and select the Email Templates icon, located all the way to the left in the Setup tab.

  • On the E-mail template window, select the template you wish to modify by clicking on it once.
  • Then hit the Edit button.

  • On the Edit E-mail Template window, make the desired changes.
  • There will be some entries that are surrounded by "<<" and  ">>".
  • These fields need to remain as is unless you know it is not needed.  
  • The Sales Rep's name can replace <<SalesRepName>> ONLY if there are no roaming workstations in your company.  Any changes made here will change it for all SalesPRO users in your company.
  • If you type a Customer's name or a Sales Rep name, it will show up that way for every user.  This is not recommended for multiple users.
  • Clicking on the link Show/Hide Fields will show you data fields which can be used in your template.
  • To add a field, place your cursor in the desired area of the template.
  • Double click on the field name in the list and the field will be added. 
  • You may test the template using the feature at the bottom.
    • Change the drop down list to say "Test this Template with..." (Quote or Sale or Order)
    • Enter a Quote/Sale/Order number that is valid.
    • Click the green arrow.
  • When changes are complete, click OK to exit and save your changes.

Applies to;

  • SalesPRO Software

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