How to schedule appointments using Google Calendar

How to schedule appointments using Google Calendar


Solatech Focus gives you the ability to schedule appointments that will be shown on your Google Calendar. Users may schedule appointments for themselves and other users on their account.


  • Once one or more users have connected their Google calendar, a button will be shown on the Home screen called Schedule Appointment
  • Clicking this button will bring up a Scheduler window
  • The drop down menu Schedule For: will contain a list of all account users with connected calendars

  • Click on the appropriate user
  • File in title, date and time. 

Note: Clicking on the earth icon will allow you to change your time zone.  If no time zone is selected, Solatech Focus will automatically use the time zone on your computer. 

  • Select the appropriate customer from the list
  • Customer address will auto populate with the values found in the customer record. 
  • Enter any applicable notes in the Description field
  • Clicking the link Open my Google Calendar will allow a user to check time availability
  • Click Apply to schedule appointment.

Additional areas to schedule appointments

  • Customer Details screen

  • From within a Quote, Sale or Order.  Note that scheduling from within a Quote, Sale or Order will allow you to select from multiple types of appointments using a drop down menu.  

Applies To:

  1. Solatech Focus

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