How to change the status of a cancelled PO in Solatech Focus

How to change the status of a cancelled PO in Solatech Focus


This article will review how to reverse the cancelled status of a PO.

One the Purchase Order Review Screen, your PO has a status.  That status can be changed by clicking on any of the buttons in the Workflow section.

If the purchase order is put into the status of canceled by accident or by mistake, this can be undone by changing the status of the line items in that PO.

  • On the Purchase Order Review screen, scroll down to the section labeled Items.
  • Expand that section, you will see the list of line items that are in this purchase order.
  • Highlight one line.
  • Another section will become available under the Items section called Item Details.
  • Expand Item Details.  
  • At the bottom of this section is a field called Status, it is a drop down list.
  • The line item will also have the status of Cancelled at this time.
  • Choose the status to which you would like the PO changed.
  • The PO status will change to match the Line item statuses only when all line item statuses have been changed.

Applies to

  • Solatech Focus

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