Setting up email for your Solatech Focus account

Setting up email for your Solatech Focus account


Solatech Focus allows users to choose how email is sent for their account.  This knowledge base article provides instructions for setting up your account's email. 

Decide which method will be used

  1. Click on Admin from the upper navigational bar
  2. Click on Account from the lower navigational bar
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section Email
  4. You will see three choices:  
    • Let Solatech Focus send email for you (all email will come from ).  If this option is selected, no further setup is required. 
    • Each user must select their own sending method  (instructions for this selection are in a section below)
    • All users will use the same SMTP account   (Instructions for this selection are covered in a section below. If this method is selected, setup will be preformed prior to clicking the Save button).  
  5. Once the selection has been made, click the Save button. 

All users will use the same SMTP account - Instructions for setup

Note - this is not the preferred method. 

If you use Office 365/; Gmail or AOL, you can click the SMTP presets button to automatically apply settings for those services.  If you use an alternate provider, please check with them  for instructions on setting up an SMTP account. 

  1. In the sender e-mail address field, enter your email address. (example:
  2. Place a check mark next to SMTP server requires authentication.
  3. In the User Name field, enter your email address. (example: my
  4. In the Password field, enter your email password.
  5. Place a check mark in Server requires a TLS/SSL connection
  6. Place the radio button in Issue a STARTTLS command
  7. Use the Send Test Message button to test your settings
  8. You must use a different email address than the one used in setup to send the test email. 
  9. A bar will appear to alert you that the email is being sent
  10. Once completed, you will receive notification in the bar that the test message has been sent. 
  11. Press the Save button to save your email changes

Each user must select their own sending method - Instructions for setup

When this selection is made, each user must log into their account and perform setup.   Setup is performed in the Admin section of each user account. 

Each user has four options:  Let Solatech Focus send email for you; Use my Gmail accountUse my Office 365 account; and Use an SMTP account. 

  1. For Let Solatech Focus send email for you - no additional setup is required.
  2. For Use an SMTP account, setup will be the same as described above for account setup. . 
  3. Instructions for Gmail and Office 365 are below

Google Integration

  • Expand the Google Integration section
  • Click the Sign in with Google button

  • Enter your Google email and password
  • On the next screen, press the Allow button
  • You will be taken back to your Solatech Focus account
  • The Google Integration section will have both Use My Google Calendar to create appointments and Allow my Gmail account to be used to send email checked.   
  • If you do not wish to use Google Calendar with Focus, you may deselect that box.
  • In the email section, place the radio button next to Use my Gmail Account
  • A test message can be sent.  You must use a different email address than the one used in setup to send the test email. 
  • Press Apply to complete your email setup.

Office 365 integration
  1. Expand the Microsoft Integration section
  2. Click the Sign in with Microsoft button
  3. Enter your password for your Microsoft account
  4. Accept the Permissions by clicking the Accept button
  5. In the Email section, click Use My Office 365 account
  6. Send a test message to insure setup is correct
  7. Click the Apply button

Applies To:

  • Solatech Focus
  • Solatech DOS 

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