Working with quotes and sales with errors

Working with quotes and sales with errors


Solatech Focus allows users to continue a quote with errors and to convert the quote to a sale with errors. Solatech does not recommend continuing a quote that has errors.  If a user chooses to proceed, all errors will be clearly identified at each stage.   A sale with errors cannot be sent to the vendor.  This knowledge base article discusses how to identify and proceed on a quote with errors. 

More information

 When creating a line with errors, the error will be clearly shown on the order entry screen.  The user may choose to add the line containing the error. A pop up message will ask them to confirm that they wish to continue with errors. 

On the quote review screen, the errors will be identified at the top of the page. The line(s) with errors will be identified with a red triangle

The user can proceed and do the following to a quote containing errors:
  1. Preview, print and/or email a quote to the customer
  2. Convert the quote to a sale
  3. Generate and/or email output to the client
The Order Now button will be grayed out for any sales containing errors.  The product(s) cannot be ordered until the error(s) have been corrected. 

Quotes or Sales that contain errors will be clearly identified in their corresponding lists with a red triangle icon 

Applies to:

  1. Solatech Focus