Why do my quotes and orders not sort correctly

Why do my quotes and orders not sort correctly


This article explains how the Solatech Window Covering Software sorts quotes and orders in their respective list screens.

More Information

Starting with version 4 of the Solatech Window Covering Software (SWCS) quotes and orders, when sorted by quote or order number, are sorted numerically. For example sorting in ascending order they will be listed as 100, 101, 102... 200, 201, etc.

A problem occurs when you have quote or order numbers that have letters in them. Since the system is sorting numerically, it will be any quote/order number at the bottom of the list no matter what direction the sorting is being done.

Prior to version 4 of SWCS quotes and orders were sorted alphanumerically, but this had it's own problems. It would sort values in the following manner: 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7, 8, 9... Since most of our customers were using numbers for quotes and orders we switches to a numeric sort in version 4.

If you are sorting your lists in order to find quotes and orders there are a few other ways that may be more efficient. They are:

  • Type the number in the QuickFind field and press enter. If it's in the list it will be selected.
  • From the Actions menu click Find.
  • Sort orders by date or use the various status filters to narrow down the search.


  • Solatech Window Covering Software 4.0
  • Solatech Window Covering Software 4.1
  • Solatech Window Covering Software 4.2