Site Administrator - How to enable QuickBooks Online integration for your accounts

Site Administrator - How to enable QuickBooks Online integration for your accounts


QuickBooks Online integration is available as an optional paid feature for Solatech Focus users. Once this feature has been turned on for your site, a Site Administrator must enable this feature for any accounts who should have access.  This  Knowledge Base article will provide instructions on enabling the feature on each account.

 Note: For additional information on adding QuickBooks Online integration to your site, please contact Solatech Sales.


  1. While logged in as a Site Administrator (SA)  , click Admin from the upper navigational bar
  2. Click on Accounts from the lower navigational bar
  3. Click on the hyperlink for the account you wish to set up. 
  4. On the Account page, expand the section Features
  5. Please a check mark to the left of QuickBooks Online Integration
  6. Click Update to save your change
  7. Repeat for all other accounts who should have access to the QuickBooks Online integration

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