Setting up Customer Email Templates

Setting up Customer Email Templates


Solatech allows users to set up personalized email templates that can be sent to customers from within the system.  Templates to send to users (Sales Reps and Installers) can also be created.  This knowledge base articles provide instructions on setting up and using these email templates. 

Setting up Customer Email Templates

Solatech will supply you with a default customer email template when your account is deployed.  You can create as many additional templates as you wish. 
  1. Click on Admin from the upper navigational toolbar
  2. Scroll down to the Output section
  3. You will see your default company logo and terms and conditions for your signature page and a section to setup Process Reports
  4. Beneath that is the Email template section - this is where we will setup our templates
  5. Click the Manage button
  6. You will see a list of all current templates for your account. 
  7. Place a check mark to the left of a template to activate the tool bar menu

  8. Moving from left to right on the menu, you can: Edit; Copy; Delete; Enable or Disable the email template (note that some of the menu items can be used when selecting multiple email templates)
    1. Edit - allows you to make changes to the process report and email
    2. Copy - allows you to duplicate an existing process report.  You will be able to give the new report a different name and settings
    3. Delete - permanently removes the selected process report(s)
    4. Enable - enable the selected process report(s)  for use
    5. Disable - disabled the selected process report(s). 
  9. On the right hand side of the page, the New Template button allows you to start a brand new template
  10. The drop down menu allows you to filter by types of email templates (Customer, Sales Rep, Enabled/Disabled)

Creating a new email template

  1. Press the New Template button
  2. On the Email Template Settings page you can enter the following information
    1. Template name - used to identify the email template
    2. To: Customer, Sales Rep, Installer
    3. Cc and/or Bcc
    4. Subject
    5. Body - note that some database fields can be used for customer email templates.  Click the hyperlink Click here for help on email template fields to see a complete list. 
  3. Press Save to complete setup. 
Below is an example of a new email template that has been setup 

Using Customer Email Templates

  1. On the Customer Details page you will see an Email drop down menu in the Actions section on the upper right hand side of the page
  2. Use the drop down menu to select the correct template, then press Send

  3. You will have an opportunity to edit and personalize the email prior to sending

See also

  1. Setting up and using process report template and emails

Applies to:

  1. Solatech Focus
  2. Solatech DOS 
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