PROBLEM: Automatic Customer Promotions do not recalulate on existing Quotes or Sales

PROBLEM: Automatic Customer Promotions do not recalulate on existing Quotes or Sales


Customer promotions can be setup to automatically be added as a percentage to all quotes or sales which match certain criteria.  If you change the customer promotion to use a different percentage, existing quotes and sales will not automatically recalculate based upon the updated customer promotion. If you add additional line items to which the promotion should be applied, it will still calculate at the old percentage. This article will describe how to properly update existing Quotes or Sales to use the new promotional percentage


  1. Open an existing Quote or Sale
  2. Remove the automatic customer promotion 
  3. Save the Quote or Sale and close
  4. Open the Quote or Sale
  5. Since the Automatic Customer Promotion was deleted, it will not automatically be added back. 
  6. Manually add the promotion by clicking on the Custom Promotions icon and selecting the appropriate item. 
  7. The new percentage will be used.

Applies to: 

  • SalesPRO Software

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