Managing Vendor Discounts

Managing Vendor Discounts


This article explains how Vendor Discounts are managed in SalesPRO.

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We will be working with functions found on the Maintenance tab.


Vendor discounts are the factors provided by the vendor/manufacturer to you, the customer, for purposes of calculating the cost of the vendor's product for you.  The discount may vary from product to product, even by style within a product.   It may be expressed as a percentage, or as a multiplier, to be applied to the product price.

Maintaining Vendor Discounts

  • Vendor discounts are found on the Maintenance tab, under Discounts. 

  • The window that opens shows all products by default. You may scroll through all products to find the desired one, or, as an alternative, click on the drop down menu after "Show discounts for".  This allows you to select the manufacturer to see only their products, or click on the specific product to only show that one.

  • Be sure that the group shows "Vendor".  In the columns following the Product/Style, you will see Discount (which is always shown) and Multiplier;  if multiplier is not shown, click on View on the toolbar and check Multiplier. 
  • If the vendor provides their discount as a percentage, in the Discount column you will enter a percentage.  
  • If the vendor provides a multiplier you will enter the number in the Multiplier column as a decimal.  
  • If you enter in the Multiplier column, once you press Enter you will see the discount column populate with the percentage automatically.  This percentage will be used for all cost calculations.

  • A vendor may choose to have a discount vary for styles within a single product, or even different options within a style.  To apply a discount or multiplier at the style or option level, click on the [+] preceding the product name.  
  • This will expand the selection, presenting the specific styles.  The appropriate amount can then be applied to the selected style(s).  
  • Note: If the vendor discount varies by style, a discount must be applied to each style.  And if discounts are applied at the option level, a discount must be applied to each choice at that option.  Once any style or option within a product has a unique discount assigned, a discount at the product level will not act as a default for the remaining styles/options.  All styles/options will have to have a discount.  A product-level discount will cause the style-level or option-level discounts to be ignored.
  • Notice that when a discount is applied at the style or option level, the product name turns blue.  This is an indicator that a discount has been applied within that product.

  • If you need to apply the same number to multiple products and/or styles, you may highlight multiple lines, and using the "Set..." function at the bottom of the window.  Select the appropriate field from the drop-down list, enter the desired percentage/multiplier and click "Apply". 

When finished, just "X" out.


If the vendor discount is changed, any further changes to a line item, even in the sale or order category, will cause the product/style to recalculate the price based upon the new discount.  Other changes, such as payments, will not trigger the new discount.  If a change must be applied individually for that quote/sale/order, the vendor discount may be manually overridden from the Breakdown tab on the Edit Product Item window.


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