Managing Customer Discounts

Managing Customer Discounts


This article explains how Customer Discounts are created and updated in SalesPRO.

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We will be working with Discount functions found on the Maintenance tab.


Customer discounts are the percentages that you, the user, assign in groups for purposes of discounting the product price for your customer.  The discount may vary from product to product, even by style within a product.   There may be multiple categories of customer discounts, tailored to your client base.


A customer discount group of "Customer" is delivered with the software.  This is the default.  Unless you intend for all customers to receive same discount, leave all the values at 0 for this group.  You can create your own groups, labeled specifically to match your requirements. (Ex - 25% group, 30% group, etc)

Creating Customer Discount Groups

You are not limited to one Customer Discount group.  Multiple groups allow you to tailor the discounts for any reason.  

To add a Customer Discount group, click Discounts on the toolbar, then click Create Discount Group.  

Enter the Group Name, and select "Customer" in the drop-down menu for Type.  Click OK, and the group will appear in the "group" list at the top.  

NOTE:  Make sure you select "Customer" as the group Type.  The discount group will not work as intended with any other selection.

Once the discount group is created, select it in the Discounts window after "in the group".

Enter the desired discount for that group in the Discount column.  If every product will have the same discount, you may use the bulk change feature at the bottom.

Just highlight all products that should be affection and, at the bottom of the Discounts window, choose "Set the" Discount "for the selected row to" enter you discount amount here.

When finished, just "X" out.

Maintaining Customer Discounts

The window that opens when you click on Discounts on the Maintenance tab, shows all products by default; you may scroll through them to reach the desired product, select the manufacturer to view all of their products, or click on the specific product.  Be sure that the Group shows the correct name.  In the columns following the Product/Style, you will see Discount (which is always shown).  This is where you enter your desired discount.

You may choose to have a discount vary for styles within a single product.  To apply a discount at the style level, click on the [+] preceding the product name.  This will expand the selection, presenting the specific styles.  The appropriate amount can then be applied to the selected style(s).  Note that if the discount varies by style, a discount must be applied to each style.  There is no default to a product-level discount.  Any existing product-level discount must be set to 0.

If you need to apply the same number to multiple products and/or styles, you may highlight multiple lines, and using the "Set..." function at the bottom of the window.  Select "Discount" from the drop-down list, enter the desired percentage and click "Apply".  Or use the Modify Discounts option inside Tools on the taskbar to set the discount for all or selected item.

Note:  If you right-click while in the list of products, a menu will open and you may choose to "Select all...." for all products, or for a specific manufacturer.

When finished, just "X" out.

Overriding Discounts

At any time, when adding a product to a quote, the customer discount percentage defined in the group may be changed. 

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