How to use the RGA Items button for Purchase Orders in Solatech Focus

How to use the RGA Items button for Purchase Orders in Solatech Focus


This document will overview the purpose of the RGA button in Purchase Orders, and explain how to use it. 

RGA stands for Return Goods Authorization.  The RGA button is used when an item(s) on a specific PO is received from the fabricator that has been made incorrectly or needs to be replaced, for example.  This feature is used to create a new Sale that can be resent to the fabricator.


Select Items to RGA:

On the PO Review page, expand the Items section.  Highlight the defective or incorrect line item and click the [RGA Items] button.  

Each line item must be done separately if there is more than one that must be replaced.

Add the RGA Code and Comments:

This will take you to the RGA Submit page.  The product(s) will be listed along with an RGA Code, RGA Comment, and Status.

To make changes to any of these fields, click update. 

Drop down the RGA Code list and choose the appropriate reason for the return and add any related comments.  The comments field is required.

When you are done entering all pertinent information, click update to save your changes, then click Continue to go to the next step.

A new RGA Sale is created:

You will be taken to a new Sale that is flagged with an RGA label.  This label will be at the top of the Sale Review screen.

This screen is identical to any other Sale Review screen, with the exception of the RGA label.  You can edit the line items, tweak the pricing, select the shipping address, generate reports, etc.  

Note: Within the RGA label there are links to the original Purchase Order and the original Order.

Once finished making any changes that need to be made on this Sale, click the Order Now button to re-send this order to the fabricator.

As the Order is submitted to the fabricator, a new purchase order is created.

Applies to

  • Solatech Focus