How to use QuickBooks Online Integration

How to use QuickBooks Online Integration


This knowledge base article will describe the process of sending information from a Solatech Focus account to a QuickBooks Online account.  This knowledge base article assumes that QuickBooks Online integration is enabled for your account, and that you have performed the setup steps in this article:  How to Setup QuickBooks Online Integration for your Account.


  1. Click on QuickBooks from the upper navigational bar
  2. On this screen, you will see the following sections
    • Overview - displays a count of  Customers, Sales, Orders, Purchase Orders and Payments which have not yet been sent to QuickBooks
    • Customers - displays all Customers not sent to QuickBooks
    • Sales - displays all Sales not sent to QuickBooks
    • Orders - displays all Orders not sent to QuickBooks
    • Purchase Orders - displays all Purchase Orders not sent to QuickBooks  (**sending purchase orders requires that feature to be active in QuickBooks Online)
    • Payments - displays all Payments not sent to QuickBooks
  3. Place a check mark to the left of each item you wish to send.  Items from multiple sections can be selected at the same time
  4. Please note that if you select an Order for a Customer not yet in QuickBooks, that Customer will be exported along with the Order.
  5. Purchase Orders and Payments must be selected and sent separately.
  6. When all items to be exported have been selected, click the Send to QuickBooks button
    • In the example below, we will send Order 4002 and 4000
    • The customers for these orders have not yet been exported - but we do not need to select them - they will be sent automatically along with the orders
    • We will select the Purchase Orders associated with these orders
    • We will also select the Payments associated with these orders.
    • The Send section on the bottom left hand corner of the page gives you a summary of what will be sent. 

  7. When the Send to QuickBooks button is pressed, a pop up will appear, asking you to confirm your choices
  8. Press OK and you will be taken to a new screen, alerting you that a sync is in process. During this time you may continue to use Focus as normal, however you will be unable to select any additional QuickBooks items to export.
  9. When the session is completed, a notification bar will appear
  10. All items sent to QuickBooks will be listed in the Activity section
  11. Clicking QuickBooks from the upper navigational bar will return you to the export screen

Note: If a Sale is sent to QuickBooks, you will not be able to export again when it becomes an order.

Marking items as sent to QuickBooks

If you have an items which should not be sent to QuickBooks, you can easily mark them as sent to clear them from this screen. 

  1. Place a check mark to the left of each item which will not be sent
  2. Place a check mark in the box Mark as sent (in the lower right hand corner of the QuickBooks screen)
  3. Click the Start button

  4. Click OK on the pop-up window which says "Send the selected items to QuickBooks?" 
  5. The items will be marked as sent.

Note about Purchase Orders:

  • In order to send Purchase Orders, this feature must be enabled in QuickBooks Online, otherwise the PO export will fail.  It is not required to send POs to QuickBooks online. If this is not a feature you use, mark them as sent to clear them from the list of items to export. 
  • In the event that you add the Purchase Orders feature to your QuickBooks Online account after you have used Focus QuickBooks integration to export invoices for a period of time, it is possible that you will encounter errors. This can happen when product names exist in QuickBooks Online from previous imports, but they have no expense account assigned, as that information was not needed at time of import.  In this case, you would need to manually assign expense accounts to each affected product.  

Additional Information

  • If any errors are encountered during the export, the Activity section will give you information on the problem. You can correct the issue and then export the item(s) again.
  • The Activity section can be viewed  on the QuickBooks section immediately after an export is completed. After that point, it can be viewed by clicking on the View History hyperlink

  • Products will be exported using the product name in Solatech Focus.  If the product name does not exist in QuickBooks Online, it will be added.
  • How to setup QuickBooks Integration for your account

Applies To:

  • Solatech Focus