How to use Item Replace in SalesPRO

How to use Item Replace in SalesPRO


Beginning with version 5.0.263 of SalesPRO, users can now change product, style and options for multiple line items on a Quote or Sale.  This article provides instructions on how to make these changes


  • From within Order Entry, select two or more lines you wish to change.
  • Click on the top portion of the Replace Items icon in the Tools menu.

  • The Replace Products, Styles, and Options window will open.
  • In this window, click the Select button.
  • Note: The following options cannot be changed:  Room Location, Width, Height, Mount, Remarks and any other dimension option.  These options are shown, but are grayed out. 
  • Click the green validate bar to begin making changes.
  • Changes can be made to the Product, Style or Options.
  • Once changes are complete, click OK.
  • Press Ok on the Replace Products, Styles and Options Window
  • Your changes will be processed and you will see the Replace Review window appear.
  • Any errors will be noted on this screen. 
  • Click OK on this window to apply the new selections to your quote or sale. 

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Applies to:

  • SalesPRO Software

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