How to Setup the Email Feature in SalesPRO

How to Setup the Email Feature in SalesPRO


This article will describe how you can enable email in SalesPRO.  This will allow quotes and orders to be emailed directly from SalesPRO.  Before this feature can be enabled, you will need to have your email account settings available.  If you do not have these settings, please contact your email provider for that information.


  • Navigate to the Setup tab from the Home screen

  • Click on Company Setup 

  • On the Company Setup tab, scroll down to Company Features
  • Look for Email, and select the link Turn On 

  • Select Yes I want to enable the email feature now on the next window

  • Click OK on the next window 

  • On the Application Settings window, enter the appropriate information (as provided by your email provider).
  • It is recommended to Test you Email Settings (bottom of Email Sending Method window) to insure that everything has been setup properly.
  • When email account information is complete, press OK to save and exit.

  • You will receive a message that email is now enabled.
  • Once email has been enabled, you can select the link " Templates" as shown below.  This will enable you to download the Solatech defined email templates, which can be modified as needed.  

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Applies to:

  • SalesPRO Software

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