How to setup and use with a Solatech Focus site

How to setup and use with a Solatech Focus site


Solatech Focus offers integration with, a third party dispatching system.   This knowledge base article will provide instructions on how to enable, setup and use this feature. ( integration is an add-on feature for Solatech Focus users. Contact your Solatech sales rep for more information).

Enable the Feature

  1. While logged in as a Site Administrator (SA), click  Admin from the upper navigational toolbar
  2. From the lower navigational toolbar, select Accounts
  3. On your account listing page, click the account name for which you wish to enable
  4. On the account page expand the Features section and place a check mark to the left of integration
  5. Press the Update button

Setup the integration

  1. While logged in as an Account Administrator, click Admin from the upper navigational bar.  Note: Site Administrators may also complete setup for each of their accounts
  2. From the lower navigational toolbar, click Integrations
  3. Click the Enable Integration button

  4. On the Settings window, place a check mark to the left of Enable integration
  5. Type your Organization ID in the box
  6. Press OK
  7. integration is now active on your account.

Note:  If you do not have your Organization ID, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the logo in the upper left hand corner
  3. Your ID will be listed on the Diagnostics page in the Info section
  4. Only the first series of number in the ID field should be copied (the numbers before the "-" )

How works with your Focus account

  1. When adding a customer in, enter an email address and phone number (if possible). This information will be used in Focus to bring in customer data
  2. After a customer has been entered in and a job is scheduled, a technician will be assigned to the job
  3. This technician must also be a user in Focus and the email addresses for the technician in and the user in Focus must match.
  4. When the technician indicates in (desktop or App)  that they are En Route to the appointment, the customer data is sent to Focus
  5. When importing customer information, Focus searches on email address and phone number
  6. If no matches are found, the customer is added
  7. If exact matches are found, the customer data in Focus will be updated to match the information in (if applicable)
  8. The Source information entered in will populate Lead Source in Solatech Focus for the customer record. 
  9. If the Source information from is not currently in the list of Lead Sources in Solatech Focus, it will be added to the list and applied to the customer. 
  10. When a customer is added, the user to whom the customer has been assigned will see a notification will appear in the upper right hand corner of the site.

  11. Clicking on the notification icon will give the user details on the customer addition

  12. The customer history will also contain an entry that The customer was added from Dispatch

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