How to Modify Quantity in Order Entry

How to Modify Quantity in Order Entry


This article will explain how to change the quantity for a product in SalesPRO.  Orders cannot be modified.

More Information

Quantity of a line item can be changed a couple of ways.

In Order Entry

  • While the Order Entry Window is open, simply change the quantity to the left of the style name.

In the Edit Quote/Sale window

  • Highlight the line item to adjust for quantity.
  • Double-click on the number in the column labeled "Qty".
  • Change the value.
  • Press Enter.
  • Click Save to apply the change.

When the quantity changes, all customer discounts, and any item discounts, will be applied for the total quantity.  As well, all additional charges (e.g. shipping, measurement) that are charged per product, will be automatically adjusted.  Any charges or discounts/promotions that are triggered by quantity will also take effect. 


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