How to identify products with missing vendor discounts or margins

How to identify products with missing vendor discounts or margins


Solatech gives Account Administrators the ability to easily identify products that are missing either vendor discounts (used to determine cost) or margins (used to calculate selling price).  This knowledge base article will describe how to find and correct any issues with discounts or margins. 

PLEASE NOTE: Solatech does not maintain discounts or margins after initial setup.  It is your responsibility to update discounts when they change; or add discounts and margins when a new product is released.  Below are two knowledge base articles on working with discounts and margins.   Please contact Solatech Support if you need assistance with discount setup.  

  1. Working with Vendor Discounts
  2. Updating or Adding Margins to your products

Identifying Products with missing vendor discounts

  1. Click Admin from the upper navigational bar
  2. Click Discounts from the lower navigational bar
  3. You will see a section Products without Discounts
  4. Some products may not require either a vendor discount nor a margin (such as the custom products with no pricing)
  5. For any products you sell that are missing discounts, you will want to update your discount sheet, following the directions in the knowledge base article above. 

Please note that if a product is missing vendor discounts or margins, your sales rep will see a message when they are creating a line item. 

Identifying products with missing margins

  1. Click Admin from the upper navigational bar
  2. Click Products from the lower navigational bar
  3. Click a vendor name to view the products available for the vendor
  4. If the Margin column reads  0% for any active product, refer to the knowledge base article above to add a margin
  5. Repeat for all other vendors

Applies to:

  1. Solatech Focus
  2. Solatech DOS

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