How to Email Quotes, Sales or Orders from SalesPRO

How to Email Quotes, Sales or Orders from SalesPRO


This article explains how to create E-mails for printed output from the SalesPRO software.

To Begin

Before attempting to e-mail individual documents within SalesPRO software, be sure you have completed the e-mail setup process.

More Information

For any type of printed output in the SalesPRO software, a copy of the PDF version can be emailed to anyone desired.   There are four methods for doing this:

  1. Sending an email from the Actions tab in Order Entry.  
  2. Sending an email from the Quote/Sale/Order toolbar.
  3. Using the Send feature at the top of the preview screen.
  4. Emailing directly from Adobe Reader.

Method 1: Email from Order Entry

After all changes for a Quote or Sale have been saved, 

  • Click on the Actions tab in the Edit Quote, Edit Sale, or Edit Order window.
  • Click on the document you would like to send, then select Email from the drop down menu.

  • If more than one document of the type you selected is available, you will then select which document you would like to send by deselecting the undesired report.

  • In some cases, you will also have to select the email template you want to use.  To avoid this step, setup defaults in Application Settings.  To read more about this go to Modifying Application Settings.

  • Verify the email address and read through the template, making sure it is accurate.  
  • Your document will be automatically attached to the email.
  • Click Send Message.

Method 2: Email from Toolbar Icon

  • Click on the Quotes, Sales or Orders icon from the Home tab.

  • Each of these tool bars will have several documents available to print.  For example, a field measure form or a Quote can be viewed/emailed from the Quotes toolbar.

  • Once you have chosen a document to email, the steps are the same as in Method 1.
  • As in Method 1, you may have to select the type of document to send. If so, choose then click OK.
  • Again, you may have to also choose the template at this point.  If so, choose and click OK.
  • Verify the email address and any other information to be added.
  • Click Send Message.


Method 3: Send from Print Preview

  • Choose Preview instead of Email, either from Order Entry or from the Quotes/Sales/Orders tooldbar (as in Methods 1 and 2).  

  • When the PDF document opens, the "View" toolbar has an option to Send.  You will be presented, as with Methods 1 and 2, with an email window to complete, including your own text.  

Method 4: Attach to an Email

  • As with Method 3, choose Preview instead of Email, and when the document is opened, click on the 'Save As', and choose a place to save the document.  
  • Once saved, the document can be attached to an email using your email application (i.e. Outlook).


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