How to Edit a Quote or Sale in Solatech Focus

How to Edit a Quote or Sale in Solatech Focus


This article explains how to edit the information in an existing quote or sale.

After a quote or sale has been created, there are times that some of the information in the quote/sale might need to be changed.  This information might include:

  • Sidemark, Sales Rep assigned, Installer assigned, etc.
  • Customer information
  • Shipping address (installation address)
  • Line items in the quote/sale
  • Adding or deleting surcharges and/or discounts
  • Adding/editing/deleting comments
  • For a Sale only, adding or deleting a payment.

1.  The Sidemark, Sales Rep, and Installer can be edited by clicking on the Edit button in the box labeled Quote Review or Sale Review.

A Quote Edit window will open.  Here you can type in a new Sidemark, select a new Sales Rep, or select a new Installer.  When you are finished with your edits, click Save to save your information.

Note:  If you are a Sales Rep and you change the assigned Sales Rep to someone who is not yourself, you will no longer be able to view or edit this quote/sale.

2.  To edit the customer information you will click on the Edit button in the Customer Info section.

This will take you back to the Customer page where you can change any of the information for that customer.  Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

3.  To change the Shipping Address use the drop down menu in the Shipping Address section.

The shipping address indicates where the installation will take place, not where the products will be shipped.  Changing the address changes where the installer will be sent for this installation.

If only one shipping address is available in this drop down list, and you need to add more, you will need to edit the customer information to add more shipping addresses.

4.  To edit or add any line items to this quote/sale, expand the Item Count section.

Click the Add new button to add another line item or highlight one line item to enable the other features.

  • Duplicate - takes you to Order Entry with all of the options matching the highlighted line, minus the sizes.
  • Edit - opens the highlighted line in order entry to allow you to make edits.
  • Delete - Deletes the highlighted line item
  • Edit Price - This opens a small window that shows only price information.  You can enter a discount, change your margin, etc.

5.  Expand the Order Total section to add or delete any surcharges or discounts.

  • Click the "x" next to any existing Surcharges or discounts to delete them.  
  • If any surcharges or discounts need to be changed, delete and add a new one.
  • To add a new Discount/Surcharge, drop down the "Select Type" menu and choose Discount or Surcharge, select the Code, Select $ or %, then enter the amount and click "Add".
  • The tax can also be edited here:
    • Click the "X" next to a tax code to delete it.
    • Add a new tax code using the "Select Tax" drop down menu.

6.  To add/edit/delete a comment expand the Comments section.

  • To Edit or Delete an existing comment, click the corresponding button to the right of the comment.
  • To add a new comment, type the comment in the space provided, choose either Customer or Internal, then click "Add".

7.  If you are editing a Sale, you can add/edit/delete a payment.  To do so, expand the Payments section (above the Comments section).

  • To Edit or Delete a payment, click the corresponding button to the right of the payment.
  • To add a new Payment, click "Add", then fill out the information in the spaces provided.

Applies To:

Solatech Focus

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