How to create a new vendor and assign products to the new vendor

How to create a new vendor and assign products to the new vendor


SalesPRO software gives users the ability to create new vendors and assign products to those vendors. This is useful in cases where you have different account numbers for one vendor, and will allow you to continue to utilize Online Order Processing (OOP).  This article will describe the setup and usage of that feature.

Creating the new vendor

  • Begin on the Home tab in SalesPRO
  • Click on the Vendors icon

  • If you will be sending orders to this vendor via Online Order Processing, double click on the original  vendor record in order to view the OOP ID assigned.  For this example, we will use the Vendor Hunter Douglas
  • On the Edit Vendor window, click on the Details tab
  • Look at the section Order Processing. Make of note of whether or not the field Split purchase orders by product is checked. Also make a note of the text in the field OOP ID. You will need both later.

  • Press OK or Cancel to exit the Edit Vendor window. 
  • From the vendor ribbon, click on Create

  • On the New Vendor window, enter information for the new vendor.  The only required field is vendor name (note - the new vendor name must be different from the original vendor name). 
  • For this example, we'll call our new Hunter Douglas vendor "Hunter Douglas South"
  • Click on the Details tab
  • In the Account number field, enter your account number with the vendor
  • In the Order Processing field area, either place a check mark in the field "Split purchase orders by product" or leave it unchecked. (based upon the data noted from the original vendor)
  • Place a check mark to the left of Process orders electronically 
  • Enter the OOP ID recorded earlier .
  • Press OK.

Assigning products to the new vendor

  • Click once on the new vendor to select (In this case Hunter Douglas South)
  • On the Vendor ribbon, click on the top portion of the icon Assign Products

  • On the Assign Products window, use the drop down menu in the left hand column and select the original vendor (Hunter Douglas)
  • If all of the products should also be assigned to the new vendor, click the Add All button
  • You may also select to add only selected products by clicking on the product(s) in the left hand column to highlight them and pressing Add
  • For this example, we will add all
  • Press OK to save and exit.

Using the new vendor to create a quote

Now that the vendor has been setup and the products assigned, it's time to see how your sales reps will use these products

  • In Order Entry, you will see both vendors in Edit Product Item 

  • Select the correct vendor (the one using the correct account number for your quote)
  • Continue your quote as normal. 
  • Pricing will be the same regardless of which vendor is chosen.  This is based upon your cost factor and margin setup.

Applies To

  • SalesPRO

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