How to change what is shown on customer output

How to change what is shown on customer output


Account Administrators can now change what is seen on customer output. Account Administrators can now choose to modify what is shown on output.   You may now also include the Sales Rep's telephone number and email to customer output.  This knowledge base article will describe how to set this up for your account.


  • Click on the Admin tab from the upper navigational toolbar
  • Scroll to the bottom section of your account page
  •  Make the appropriate selections for each output type
  • Click the Update button when selections have been completed. 
  • This change will apply to output generated by all users on your account

  • To add a Sales Rep's email to customer output, simply click on the Admin tab from the upper navigational toolbar
  • Click on Users from the lower navigational toolbar
  • Click on the user name to which you wish to add a telephone number
  • Enter telephone number in the Phone field
  • Enter email address in the Email field
  • Click Apply
  • The phone number will print directly beneath the Sales Rep's name in the upper right hand corner of the output.

Note: Sales reps may also enter their own phone number and email address. When logged in, they will click on Admin from the upper navigational toolbar; enter phone number and click Apply.

Applies To:

  • Solatech Focus

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