How to Capture a Customer Signature

How to Capture a Customer Signature


This article provides information on capturing a customer signature from within SalesPRO. 


  • From within Order Entry, select Preview.  Using the drop down menuselect the document to have the customer sign (Quote, Order Confirmation or Invoice).
  • Note:  As a quote, the only document you can preview is a Quote.  As a Sale or Order, you may preview an Order Confirmation or Invoice. 

  • Check the document you wish to create and click 'OK'.   
  • Note:  If there is only one document of that type available this step will be skipped.
  • In the example below, the first document has been selected.

  • The selected output will be opened as a separate tab in the software.
  • When a PDF preview opens, the 'View' and 'Edit' tabs will be accessible.  Click the Edit tab.

  • Scroll down to the signature line in the PDF preview of your document.
  • Click the Pen icon.  If you want the signature in a different color, click the down arrow to select the color and activate the pen.

  • Sign with a stylus or with fingertip if you have a touch screen, otherwise the customer may sign using the mouse or touch pad.
  • To save or print your signed document, click the View tab under PDF Tools.
  • From the View tab you can Attach to a customer record, Print, Send via email (if enabled) or save your document using the Save As icon.

Applies To:

  • SalesPRO Software

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