How to assign products to your accounts

How to assign products to your accounts


When a new product is added to Solatech Focus, the site administrator will receive an email from product development.  If this product is one which your accounts will sell, it will need to be assigned to the account in order for each account to use the product. This knowledge base article describes how to assign products to accounts.


  • While signed in as a site administrator, click Admin from the upper navigational toolbar
  • Click on Products from the lower navigational toolbar
  • Click on the vendor for the new product in the Vendors section
  • In the Products section, locate the new product
  • Click on Assign to
  • A list of all your current accounts will be shown
  • Place a check mark next to each account which should have access to the new product. 
  • Click Save

Additional information

When a new product is added, both the vendor discounts and the product margins for each account should be updated as well.   This can be done by either a Site Administrator or by an Account Administrator with appropriate security access. Please refer to these knowledge base articles for instructions:

  • Vendor discounts:   Site Administrator  and Account Administrator. 
  • Margins:  Site Administrator and Account Administrator.

Applies To:

  • Solatech Focus