Converting a sale to an order in Solatech Focus

Converting a sale to an order in Solatech Focus


From the status of Sale, ordering your products converts your Sale to an Order.

  • To get to your Sale Review page, first click on the Sales tab.

  • Select the Sale you are ready to order and click on the blue hyperlink to the left of the Sale.

  • This will open your Sale Review page.  
  • You can review the content of this sale by expanding the Item Count section, then expanding each line item to inspect and ensure accuracy.

  • When ready to order, click the Order Now button in the Workflow section.

  • Purchase Order(s) will be created and sent to the fabricator, and the Sale will be converted to an Order.
  • Your Order will now appear on the Orders list page under the same number that was assigned to the Sale.
  • You will also receive an email from Solatech, with a copy of your Purchase Order attached. This email will arrive within 5 minutes after sending.
  • The Vendor will send an email once the order is in their system.  This email will have a copy of the Vendor's purchase order attached.
  • Please take the time to review both the PO emailed from Solatech and the PO emailed from the vendor.  This will eliminate the chance for any order inconsistencies.

Applies to

  • Solatech Focus