A guide to understanding the Q/S/O workflow screen in SalesPRO

A guide to understanding the Q/S/O workflow screen in SalesPRO


Your SalesPRO software gives you the ability to see at a glance what's happening with your quotes, sales and orders.  The guide below will give you an overview of how to move items through this cycle. 


Your Quote/Sales/Order (Q/S/O) workflow screen is accessible from your Home tab in SalesPRO. 

The Q/S/O workflow screen has 5 columns.  This article will discuss all five, paying closer attention to those most closely associated with the Sales Cycle.

Column 1 - Pending & Open Quotes

Any quotes shown as Pending have not been presented to the customer.  Once a quote has been previewed, printed or emailed, the status will change to Open Quote.  Since the majority of your quotes will fall into the Open Quote category, this article will begin with a status of Open Quote.

Open Quotes are filtered by Sales Rep and quote date (most recent > least recent).  This sorting is by default and cannot be modified.   In the example below, we see quotes listed for sales rep Allen B and sales rep Ava G.   We will focus on moving quote 303 through the sales process and the Q/S/O workflow. 

When the customer indicates their intention to buy, the Sales Rep will convert the quote to a sale.  Instructions for converting from quote to a sale can be found in this knowledge base article: Moving a quote to a sale.  Once the quote has been converted to a sale, it moves to the next column, Pending and Open Sales.

Column 2- Pending and Open Sales

Any sales listed as Pending have begun as a sale (and never existed as a quote).  Pending sales have not been presented to the customer.  The majority of your sales will be Open Sales. This is where we will focus. 

Open Sales are sorted by date.

In the example below, our Quote 303 is now Sale 253.

When the appropriate amount of time has passed, it's time for the purchase orders associated with this sale to be sent to the vendor.  It is this process that converts that Sale to an Order.  For information on sending Purchase Orders to the vendor, please refer to this knowledge base article:  How to send Purchase Order to vendors from SalesPRO.

Column 3 - Pending and Open Sales

  • How the Sale gets converted to an Order will determine if the Order is an Order Pending or an Open Order.  
    • If the Sale is converted to an Order manually using the Convert to Order button in Order Entry, it will be converted to an Order Pending.
    • If the Sale is converted to an Order automatically by sending the PO to the vendor or marking the PO as sent, then the Order will go straight to the Open Order status.
  • To convert a sale manually, open the sale to be converted, go to the Actions tab, and click "Convert to Order".

  • A sale is automatically converted when sending the PO electronically to the vendor, or marking the PO as sent.  Both of these are done from the Send for Purchasing window.

Open Orders are sorted by date.

In the example below, our Sale 253 has moved to Order 253, found in the Open Orders list. 

Once all products have been received from the vendor(s), the Order can be marked as complete.

Column 4 - Complete Order

To move an order into the Complete column, simply right click and select locate order from the drop down menu.

This will open your Orders tab, from which you can select the Complete an Order icon.

You will be asked to add a comment to complete the order.  This can be any text of your choice.  Once finished, hit the OK button.

Your order will now be in the  Completed Orders column.  Complete Orders will be listed by date and installer (where applicable).

Column 5 - Orders for Delivery

The last column on our workflow is designed to be used once the installation has been scheduled.  Moving orders to this column is optional, and involves opening up the order and manually changing the status.  Below are instructions.

  • From the workflow screen right click and select Edit Order
  • In the lower right hand corner of the Edit Order window,  click on the current status Order Complete
  • On the Change Status window, use the drop down menu to select the appropriate new status:  Order Ready or Order Delivered.  For our order, we will select Order Ready

The Orders for Delivery Column is sorted by these two statuses Order Ready and Order Delivered

Final Step - moving the order off of the workflow screen

When payment has been received and all products have been installed, the order can be moved off of the workflow screen.  

  • Right click on the order on the workflow screen and select Locate Order.
  • On the Order tab, select the Close an Order icon.
  • You will be required to enter a comment.
  • Click OK. 
  • The order is now closed and is no longer visible on the workflow screen. 

Applies To:

  • SalesPRO Software

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